Dawn Fallon


I published my memoir Confessions of a VAT Inspector in April 2022 and it tells the story of how I abandoned my ambitions to be a professional musician and become a Civil Servant. Little do I expect some of the bizarre situations I find myself in or the curious variety of people I meet. As I visit businesses to inspect their accounts for Value Added Tax purposes, research whether sheep semen is taxable, grapple with solving why a busy Chinese takeaway is making a huge loss, and struggle to understand double-entry bookkeeping, I wonder whether it will become a job for life. Or will I find a way to follow my passion for music?


The first book I self-published was in 2014 and it is about our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and is called Sam - The Busker’s Dog.  It is a “dog memoir” in that it is written in the dog’s voice.  It is a Kindle eBook 


During the Lockdown of 2020 I typed up my father’s 1954 diary which he kept during his year onboard HMS Warrior (R31).  I decided to publish this diary a piece of naval history.


I am currently writing a travel memoir and a memoir about my 1960s childhood growing up in Birmingham - watch this space! 

My Blog supplements my books with additional pictures and details, click link above.

  • A fantastic book, which takes the reader on an amazing journey and delves into many the many lives and experiences of the ‘VAT Inspector’. An important historical record to refer back to that will grow in its value over time.

    Matthew T.
  • From start to finish this book kept me hooked .. the author spoke from her experience in such an entertaining way. Highly recommended!!

    Sarah Yeo
  • Dawn Fallon is one of the most talented writers I've read. She has taken what could have been a very pedestrian account of this occupation and crafted an entertaining, page-turning action packed read.

    Simon Michael Prior
  • Dawn’s writing is finely crafted, she knows how to tell a good story that’s for sure.

  • Enjoyable read, with plenty of humour, superbly crafted.

    Steve Mayne
  • Didn’t want to put my kindle down. Enjoyed the fun way of looking at the job of a VAT inspector.

    Sue Jarvis.
  • The book is well written and is both factual and amusing.

    Peter H.
  • Well written, funny and very heart-warming. Was such an easy read.

    Andy Davies.
  • This is a delightful book. It brings back many memories and does so with charm and humour, What might have been presented as a dry subject is brought warmly and vividly to life by the author. Highly recommended !

    David C.
  • The author is exceptionally good at painting a real picture of her characters and experiences. It was informative, entertaining and most enjoyable.

    Kate Tarrant.
  • A really interesting read with lots of honest humour between the pages.